Flakey the Naked Snowman	
Written & Animated by Amy Tubbs
Photography by Joe Shymanski
Contents: 32 full-color pages, soft cover
Flat size: 10" x 8"
Genre: Children's Literature, Holiday
ISBN: 9780615232201
Library of Congress Control Number:  2008910425
Printed in the U.S.A.

Plush Flakey Snowman pillow 
& teaching toy	

The story of 'Flakey the Naked Snowman' is all about giving. Now, Flakey has come to life in this adorable plush toy! As you read the story with your child and learn that Flakey gave away his clothes to help someone else, it begins a great discussion about giving to others. At the end of your story, decide which of your child's other stuffed animals or dolls needs Flakey's scarf the most to keep warm. Simply untie the scarf and the legendary naked snowman is bare once again!

And for you adults- it's a happy decoration and super-soft pillow! Each snowman is handmade from soft fleece and stands about 15 inches tall.

Scarf color:
Flakey Gift Box Set with plush snowman
and book. Includes shipping!	

A super AND easy gift for all the Flakey fans on your list! This gift box set is all ready to go- includes tissue paper, gift card, plush toy, book and other wintry non-perishable items to fill the box ( stickers, pencils, ornaments, etc. ) A fun gift to get AND a fun gift to give. Price includes Priority postage delivery anywhere in the United States. Be sure to indicate the recipient's shipping address, and any special message you might want to include on the gift card.

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