What does DOPSCOTCH mean?!

In 2008, author Amy Tubbs formed Dopscotch Press and began the process of publishing her first book.

The name 'Dopscotch' and its signature kitty cat logo are both creations of the publisher's
nephew, who was four at the time the book was published. Not only does the name have significant meaning to her, but the word itself is entirely fictional and exists no where in the English language... at least not according to Google! She was looking for a name that didn't carry a particular connotation... and that's more difficult than you might think! But thanks to her nephew, Dopscotch Press became the name behind the book!

This book is culmination of 3 years of dreaming, writing, re-writing, illustrating, researching and scrapping the original plan and starting over.

In the summer of 2008, Amy was fortunate enough to meet DC Photographer, Joe Shymanski. He took her vision of a retro-inspired book animated similarly to the classic Rankin-Bass Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and made it come to life. Without his amazing eye for composition and seemingly innate ability to work with snowmen, this book wouldn't have been possible. Left to Amy's own photography skills, the cover would have looked more like this:

Heartfelt thanks to Joe for doing such a SUPER job and doing it enthusiastically! You can shop Joe's photography every weekend at Capitol Hill's Eastern Market.

Author & Publisher Amy Tubbs works full-time as a custom painter and muralist in the greater DC, Northern VA and Maryland area. Learn more about her 'day job' at








Author & Publisher, Amy Tubbs, works full-time in the greater
DC area as a muralist and custom painter.

The talented creator of the Dopscotch name and its signature
logo poses with one of his snowy friends.


Working with little more than some foam snowmen and tree
 branches, photographer Joe Shymanski is behind the magic that
makes Flakey and the rest of his friends come to life.

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